What if I need to cancel my account?

We have always honored a monthly self-renewing contract. What this means is that as long as no changes are requested to our current agreement, by you or by us, then your service will continue month to month. We do not require long-term contracts and there is never a penalty for deciding to part ways. We opt for this method because it honors the changes that are inherent in life that may make things not a good fit for you to continue receiving service AND it keeps us on our game, trying to continue serving you the best we can each and every month.

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What if I need to cancel a service visit?

Please be in touch with your Indie (the teammate who routinely services your home), preferably by text to let them know, with as much notice as you are able, that you need to cancel an upcoming visit. Please also let them know if you’d prefer a straight cancellation OR if you would like to try to reschedule the visit to another day or time before the following scheduled cleaning.

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