How do I add special requests or make changes to my service?

Special requests that add time to your service must be communicated with the teammate who routinely services your property with more than 24 hours advance notice. You and your cleaner will determine if the service will require an additional surcharge to accommodate the discussed request or what typical parts of your service will be skipped in order to accommodate the special request. Questions, comments or concerns about issues that affect scheduling such as an expansion of the scope of service, needing to find a new time slot for service, positive or negative feedback about our team’s performance please reach out to Keely Malone, our Chief Service Organizer, at <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>. Leaving a note on site for your cleaner is acceptable when it is a simple reminder or to note something to omit from the usual service. Additionally, we are working on a new system to be more strategic and efficient for customizing your cleaning experience, stay tuned!
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How do I get started?

<p>The first step is to educate yourself as fully as possible to ensure that our values and services align with your needs and then fill out this short consultation prep form so we can schedule a free consultation! The consultation is about 20 minutes and happens at your home or business so we can tour the space and get clear on the details of what you are looking for and provide you with an estimate or quote and options for beginning a service agreement.</p>
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Do you provide your own products?

<p>Yes, we provide absolutely everything we need to perform the cleaning. This includes all the products, supplies and equipment, all of which maintain the highest combination of efficacy and eco-friendliness we have found through all our years of service since 2005.</p>
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What areas do you serve?

<p>See our service zone map below. We service the 91 corridor of MA, focused on Hampshire County but servicing Hampden, Franklin Counties and parts of Berkshire County as well. </p> <p><iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe></p>
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Do you do rental turnover cleaning?

<p>Absolutely, in fact we have a great arrangement working with our property management partners. If you would like to become one of our established property management partners, please request a quote so we can start you on the process!</p>
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What if I need to cancel my account?

<p>We have always honored a monthly self-renewing contract. What this means is that as long as no changes are requested to our current agreement, by you or by us, then your service will continue month to month. We do not require long-term contracts and there is never a penalty for deciding to part ways. We opt for this method because it honors the changes that are inherent in life that may make things not a good fit for you to continue receiving service AND it keeps us on our game, trying to continue serving you the best we can each and every month.</p>
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