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We Bring Peace of Mind

There are still some misconceptions about what it means to hire a housekeeper. It does NOT mean you must be messy, lazy, rich, spoiled or incapable. It really only means one thing for sure, you have something more important to do with your precious little time than clean your house. Whether you are a comfortable retiree who would rather be kayaking or a busy millennial couple with several jobs, a graduate degree program and a baby on the way... we GET all the many reasons our clients choose our help, and every one of them is valid.

Keeping Your Home Safe and Sparkling

Our Pricing

Housekeeping Maintenance Package

$135/two weeks


Customized cleaning packages are typically performed every 1, 2 or 4 weeks with client-directed scope.

One-time Seasonal Cleaning

$330 one-time


Customized one-time cleanings are typically performed with a project-based direction or as needed with client-directed scope.

Note: These prices are based on the AVERAGE packages we provide, but every package is unique and specifically customized to the client and space! Depending on size, scope and frequency Commercial accounts may have specialized packages created to fit their needs.

Frequently asked questions

What if I need to cancel a service visit?

Please be in touch with your Indie (the teammate who routinely services your home), preferably by text to let them know, with as much notice as you are able, that you need to cancel an upcoming visit. Please also let them know if you’d prefer a straight cancellation OR if you would like to try to reschedule the visit to another day or time before the following scheduled cleaning.

What areas do you serve?

See our service zone map below. We service the 91 corridor of MA, focused on Hampshire County but servicing Hampden, Franklin Counties and parts of Berkshire County as well.

Who do I contact for…?

Billing and payment questions are best directed to [email protected].

Special requests that add time to your service must be communicated with the teammate who routinely services your property with more than 24 hours advance notice. You and your cleaner will determine if the service will require an additional surcharge to accommodate the discussed request or what typical parts of your service will be skipped in order to accommodate the special request.

Questions, comments or concerns about issues that affect scheduling such as an expansion of the scope of service, needing to find a new time slot for service, positive or negative feedback about our team’s performance please reach out to Keely Malone, our Chief Service Organizer, at [email protected].

Leaving a note on site for your cleaner is acceptable when it is a simple reminder or to note something to omit from the usual service. Additionally, we are working on a new system to be more strategic and efficient for customizing your cleaning experience, stay tuned!

Do I need to be here during service visits?

Not at all. We are there to take pressure off so please do whatever makes you most comfortable. Being present for a portion of at least the first visit is encouraged so you can meet your new team in person and pass on any quirks of your home or family that we should know (eg. cat is an escape artist, jiggle the handle, don’t touch this shelf of collectibles…) or make any special requests, provide a promised key etc. As long as we have dependable access to your home and a way to contact you in the case of any emergency you are not required to be home by any means, in fact we can be more efficient if we aren’t concerned with whether or not we are intruding on a phone call with the vacuum when we have the space to ourselves, for instance.

What if I need to cancel my account?

We have always honored a monthly self-renewing contract. What this means is that as long as no changes are requested to our current agreement, by you or by us, then your service will continue month to month. We do not require long-term contracts and there is never a penalty for deciding to part ways. We opt for this method because it honors the changes that are inherent in life that may make things not a good fit for you to continue receiving service AND it keeps us on our game, trying to continue serving you the best we can each and every month.

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